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    • Fanatical Betrayal

      Fanatical Betrayal

      Callison Joseph is a thirty-year old web designer from Kentucky who migrated to Boston to escape her former life, which consisted of fanaticism and admiration of the world’s most popular musical group, Forgotten Souls. Her fanaticism ended ubruptly when she was brutally raped; which resulted in the adorable daughter she loves most. Those she trusted the most easily betrayed and mocked her. Rather than give up, Callison moved on with her life–until the day that her past caught up to her. Join her journey from the heights of happiness to the depths of hell and back.


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    • Scenes From an Epic Life

      Scenes From an Epic Life

      Offering a magnificent visual account of Ted Kennedy’s heroic life, this beautifully produced book highlights the Senator’s childhood in Hyannis, London, and New York; his days at Harvard and in the Senate; and his roles as devoted son, brother, husband, father, uncle, and grandfather.

      ISBN-10: 1439138060

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    • One Sweet Dream: Paul McCartney

      One Sweet Dream: Paul McCartney

      Chronicle of KJ’s experiences at Paul McCartney concerts and events, and an account of meeting him at the final show at Candlestick Park in San Francisco, CA.

      The original e-book has been updated in 2016 and broken into blog posts.

      One Sweet Dream: Paul McCartney


    • My Heart Revealed

      My Heart Revealed

      A collection of poetry and short stories. The collection spans several years, from 1984 through 2015. The collection has been updated to include several previously unpublished works, including the short story Shadow’s Sun.

      ISBN: 978-1-329-991235-9




    • Spiritual Scenes

      Spiritual Scenes

      This book encompasses photographs of various inspirational places and things. The photographs were taken between 2010 and 2016 and capture several spiritual images. These images evoke serenity, peacefulness and tranquility. And, perhaps, may inspire a laugh or two.

      ISBN: 978-1-329-96122-7