What is Mediumship?

cropped-purplelogo.pngI recently became a Certified Medium through LWISSD, and one of the first questions I was asked afterwards was, “Well, what does that mean?”    So, that gave me an idea.  I was already working on pulling together a basic mediumship course online, why not write a couple of articles about it?  Cool?  Cool.

First, what is a medium?  The best definition I’ve read comes from the Morris Pratt Institute:  “A medium is a person whose senses are so acute that they register the presence of beings belonging to the non-physicial world; and interpret the wishes and information which such beings desire to impart to people still in the body in this physical world.”

In short, it simply means, I see dead people.  🙂 See them, hear them, feel them, sense them.  Yeah. That’s what I do.  Let me copy some more info from Morris Pratt:

“There are various happenings that may result from contact with the spirit world, feelings such as cold or [drafts], transportation of objects, seeing of colors or floating lights [orbs] or even the apparition of the deceased person. . .  Mediums may go into trance-state and speak other languages.  It also possible for the medium to write, paint pictures…or send healing energies (similar to Reiki).

“It is important for the developing medium to remember that the spirit messages are interpreted by the medium’s consciousness.  Therefore the spirit entity will use the mental facilities that the medium possesses…”

That’s a lot to digest, huh?  Yeah, I thought so too when I first read it back in 2009.  But, don’t worry, learning about your natural abilities can be completely confusing.  So much so that I’ve created a cheat sheet to help you remember (you can check it out at the end!!).

So, how is all of this done? Well, just as we have our regular senses (taste, touch, smell, see, hear), there are metaphysical senses to be able to sense spirit.  These are commonly called “The Clairs:”. Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Clairaroma, Clairgustance.  Some of these Clairs are more prevalent than others, especially when you are first starting out learning about them.  But, all of them are present and can be used at different times by Spirit for different things.

Myself, I am primarily clairvoyant; followed by Clairsentient and Clairaudient.  Well, ok, but what does that mean?   Let’s break it down:

Clairvoyance means “to see.”  This means I can see images that Spirit gives me in my mind, and I can also see Spirit.  It is nice to put a face to the folks I’m speaking to.  🙂

Clairsentience means “to feel.”  This means that I can feel Spirit, and the things that they give me to feel; including, for example, how they passed.  If I am, say, communicating with someone who passed away from a heart attack, they can give me the sensations around my heart to indicate this.  It may sound scary, but the more you work with that aspect of Clairsentience, the more you can discern without feeling toooo much of it. ;).  But, it also means that I can sense when Spirit is around, pick up feelings they want to share, if they were taller or shorter than me, their personality.  It is also the medium’s inner knowing.  You know when you get that “gut feeling” about something and it turns out you were right? BAM, that’s Clairsentience.

Clairaudience means “to hear.” This one is a little tricky because, if you’re like me, this literally just kicks in and you’re like “WHOA! What was that?”  It does mean, literally, that you will hear Spirit in their voice.  But this isn’t always the case.  Sometimes, Spirit will give you a word, or a song lyric, or you might literally hear the ocean and seagulls in your mind.  This is also Spirit, trying to get through a message.  For example, if, say, I was communicating only clairaudiently with….oh, I don’t know, Abraham Lincoln.  And, the only thing that he could give me to help identify him was The Gettysburg Address,  I would hear in my mind, “Four score and seven years ago…”   And then that would prompt me to ask more questions.  The more you work with Spirit, the more you will discover that they will use your own consciousness and understanding in order to better communicate with you. Eventually, you will develop symbols; which we will discuss in a later article 🙂

Clairaroma means “to smell.”  This not smelling Spirit themselves because they have no physical bodies, they don’t smell.  ;).  This is Spirit giving the medium a scent.  Perfume/cologne are big ones, as are flowers.  But, also, if the Spirit that you’re communicating with was…say, a baker in life…they could literally make you smell bread baking in the oven. (This is nice lol). These smells are used to help prove the identity of the Spirit with whom you are communicating.

Pause for a moment before we get to the final Clair.  The entire point of Spirit Communication is personal to everyone, but it should involve the following purposes:

  • to bring love and healing;
  • to build a bridge between the planes;
  • to prove the continuity of life beyond all doubt.

If you pursue communication for any other reason that doesn’t fit into these guidelines:  check yourself.  Once you cross the threshold into communication with the Other Side, the work ceases to be about you.  You become the vessel through which Spirit communicates.  Now, if you want to learn about this communication for your own understanding–cool.  That’s why I started, well that and to try to find a way to make Chico shut up. ;).  Just understand that this is a path of service to both Spirit and to others, and if you decide to broaden your horizons and use your gifts and knowledge to help others, please just remember  this one paragraph 🙂 <3

Ok, now back to the Clairs.

Clairgustance means “to taste.”  Again, you’re not tasting Spirit because…um, that just sounds way too…uh…NO to me. LOL. But, you are tasting things that Spirit gives you as evidence. Like, if Grandma made a killer fudge every Christmas, she could put that taste in your mouth just so you, as the medium, will say, “O M G, this lady’s fudge was amazing!”  That is evidentiary.  And, FUN! One of my favorite things is when Spirit says, “Oh here…have some chocolate.” LOL

You aren’t limited to these five senses, because they work in tandem with your regular senses.  But, you have at least one that is prevalent.  Which Clair does it for you?  Think about it for a second.  What comes to you first?

There are also methods of mediumship, which I’ll discuss briefly here as I plan on writing further about these in forthcoming articles 🙂   There are probably way more methods than these I’m about to write, but these are considered standard methods.

  1. Transfiguration:  This is where the medium will sit in a meditative state and Spirit will use their energy/power (and ectoplasm) to cover the medium’s face with their own, to allow their features, voice, accent, language to come through.
  2. Automatic Writing:  This is actually pretty cool once you get the hang of letting go of control.  Spirit’s energy/power is channeled through the medium’s body and to their hand in order to write.  I’ve heard, from Spirit, that it often feels to them like they’re “putting on a glove” in order to write. The writing can cover any topic, in any language, and often looks nothing like the medium’s natural/normal handwriting.  In some cases, a practiced medium can actually allow Spirit’s exact handwriting to come through onto the page.
  3. Channeling:  This is literally where the medium will sit with either paper or in front of the computer screen and start to write.  It is similar to automatic writing in the sense that the information is coming from Spirit, Masters, Angels, Guides, etc.  But, Spirit is just providing the information.  The medium is doing the writing/recording of the information.  The only exception to this is when Spirit speaks during Transfiguration.  That becomes a direct channeling.
  4. Psychometry:  This is often used psychically in order for a psychic to connect with the energy of another.  When a medium uses Psychometry, they are usually holding an object that belonged to a loved one who passed to the Other Side, and the energetic imprint left on that item can provide a good link to Spirit.
  5. Physical Mediumship:  This is when Spirit tangibly shows up.  I’ve seen Spirit move things, break things, make noises, lift chairs and tables, create paintings and even show up in spirit photography.  I actually have an aura photo of myself in which Angels are visible.  So, this is the awesome stuff that makes me shout with glee.  By the way, this can also include orbs and apparitions.   SO awesome.

While I’m on the topic of methods of mediumship, I just want to make a pretty big clarification:  all mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are mediums.  What does that mean?   Well, a psychic really just reads energy and sometimes auras. If you go into a psychic reading feeling angry because you just found out your significant other is cheating on you, for example, the psychic will pick that up in your energy.  It just cannot be helped.   A medium does read energy psychically, too, but the main difference is that the information that a medium gives you comes from Spirit, not your aura or your energy.   Sure, a medium would be able to sense your anger.  But instead of saying to you, “I feel you are angry. Are you having relationship issues?”  A medium would first establish a connection with a loved one, provide evidence, and then ask Spirit for specific guidance about the situation.  Big difference.

Speaking of differences, there really is only one kind of psychic reading; though there are many different methods to be used.  There are two kinds of mediumship readings:  direct and indirect.   There are several variations, true, but these are the foundations of all of them.  Either one or both could happen, no matter if you’re in private session or in front of a ton of people.   Before I get to each of these, there is something else I must include:  ALWAYS ASK PERMISSION!

Because I’m a medium, there are people who will email me, call me, whatever and just give me a message from Spirit (irregardless of validity or validation or even proof of continuity) and then expect me to return the favor immediately.  This isn’t how I work because I have established boundaries with Spirit and with the folks I read for. It is vital to not only ask the sitter’s permission, but also Spirit’s as well. Just because they’re on the Other Side doesn’t mean that they don’t have free will.  They do. Without obtaining permission, it’s an invasion of privacy and it doesn’t serve either the sitter or Spirit at all.  What I say is this:  “May we work with you, my team and I?  Thank you so much.  Now, Spirit has a lot to say so, do you want to know everything?”  (Or something along those lines.)   It is a privilege and a blessing to have a complete stranger from both sides of the Veil come to you and ask for help to connect with one another.  It’s sacred.  And should be respected as such.  So…”No yes means no.”  🙂    This also counts when you are simply connecting with Spirit for yourself.  Sometimes, you may want to talk with Grandma, but she might be busy, so another relative might come through to you.  Be in the flow. It’s all good 🙂

Now…moving on 🙂

Direct Mediumship:  This basically means that, as the medium, I would connect with a loved one for you and give you a direct message from them.  Spirit will come through to the medium and lead them, for example, to a singular person out of a room of 100 people.

Indirect Mediumship:  As a medium, if Spirit works with me in this way, it’s usually in a group of people. I’ve set my intention for a loved one in spirit who belongs to someone in the room to come through.  I give a complete description of this loved one and then see who in the group recognizes them. There might be more than one person, so it is up to Spirit to give me even the tiniest detail to determine who the correct sitter is.  Once that is established, then Spirit usually gives the message.

So, a lot to know, right?   That’s ok. When I first began to learn about mediumship, I stayed confused all of the time.  While it is important to know these basic mechanics of mediumship, it is more important to just allow yourself to experience Spirit. There will be more forthcoming on how to polish that beautiful diamond of a gift that you have. But, for now, just remember: let it flow.


KJ <3

Here’s the cheat sheet I mentioned:  Mediumship Cheat Sheet

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