Connecting with Spirit

Connecting with those who have transitioned from this life is a privilege and an absolutely sacred practice for me.  It is always my goal to help those here on Earth find peace, love and healing through building a bridge to the Other Side, and proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that life continues.

It would be an honor to help on both sides of the Veil in any way I can. <3



During a Mediumship Reading:

During these sessions, I connect with the Spirit Realm. You may have particular people that you’d like to connect with, but I is completely reliant upon Spirit and whomever it is that comes through to talk with you. So, there are no guarantees that you’ll connect with certain folks. However, Spirit is always aware of your intention and desire to speak with them, so it is rare that they all don’t line up to speak with you!

This is a very sacred, spiritual and emotional session, so please be aware that this time is entirely dedicated to you and your loved ones on the Higher Plane.

If you would like to schedule a reading, please contact me via the form below.  Please note that readings are $50 per half hour (30 minutes), with a one-hour maximum. (Payable via Paypal or Credit Card)
My Spiritual Team and I look forward to working with you! <3

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