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Original Reviews for Fanatical Betrayal 2004-2006

OMG 1st of all BRAVA BRAVA the book kicks ass and I want more. I was not ready for the book to end. But it ended on such an amazing note. Now I am not saying that I love the book just because I kinda know the other through boards BUT I really did enjoy the book. I literally could not put it down. I wanted to know what was going to happen to Callison I needed to know how Cameron and Christopher were going to react once they realized that she never lied. Ohhh and that ASSHOLE Tom. Ohh I felt so dirty reading what he had done. Ohh how it sickened me. And in the hosptial with all the blood and stuff I was like “Yeah that asshole sure got what was coming to him” The twists and turns that came with the story. It was easy to follow and very interesting. I did not want to put the book down I had to know what was happening. (and to tell you the truth I got absolutly NOTHING done once I started reading the book) I started the book Friday night and finished it Sunday afternoon. I have not read a book that fast since High School. Never had the time and I found myself MAKING the time to read the book.

Almost all the books that I have ever read start out slow and it takes me a chapter or 2 to really get into the book. But not Fanatical Betrayal. I was captivated from the begining. And OMG how cute is Alexa. And I think that one of the best parts was what Michael did to Cameron. OMG I laughed. I could so picture what was going on. I felt as though I was right there seeing this all unfold. And what Chris did in the end BRAVA that was classy and a good deed. In real life there needs to be more people that step up and do that. In a sense you get to really know these people. I felt as though I knew Callison, Jennifer, Michael, Christopher, Cameron, Alexa, Dr. Joseph, Maddie and Tom. Ohh how I wanted to reach out and kill Tom for the Violation of woman. Ohh how he sickend me beyond the point of vomiting. That man sure got his in the ‘end’ I was so happy to read that. And how everyone was out to help eachother after the truth was finally realized. Wholy hell how I just wanted to rejoice that they finally woke up to what she had been telling them all along.

Bottom line KJ. I loved it. You did a wonderful job and I cannot wait for futher works from you. I am definatly a fan of your work. Keep up all the awsome writing. You truely are gifted in your craft.


Fanatical Betrayal had me on the edge of my seat from page one! It’s an amzing read, one I personally could not put down until the last sentence was read. A fantastic story of overcoming a horrendous event, Callison Joseph’s character is inspiring and more than willing to face whatever obstacles come her way, for the love of her child. I went through the entire spectrum of emotions while reading this, and finished feeling as if I’d been there along with them on this roller coaster ride! Can’t wait for #2!!

Have you ever loved hard and given of yourself selflessly? Has someone in your life not believed you about something because of their own selfishness and inability to face the truth when it hurts? Have you ever felt like every friend you’ve ever had in the world are against you? Did you find the determination and will to go on in spite of it all? That’s what Callison Joseph did in Fanatical Betrayal Reading about Callison’s triumph will change your life. Every woman should read this book and pass it on to their daughters. Crystal Caldwell ~ Clarksville, TN

I really enjoyed reading Fanatical Betrayal. I love the way KJ Hamilton deals with each Character. I felt as if they were all real people! Keep up the GREAT work Ms Hamilton! Zenda Saylor ~ Benton, TN

I have refused to read any of Fanatical Betrayal because I want to be surprised Just by reading the cover page, I am anxiously awaiting my copy. Kristie McClain ~ Benton, TN

After reading just the cover page,I can’t wait to read the book!!
It sounds very interesting. Zeke ~ Cleveland, TN

I read just one chapter and I must know more! Can’t wait to read the whole book!!! Betty Cameron ~ Cleveland, TN

I only read one chapter and it was very intense! I can’t wait to read the entire book! Dianne Wade ~ Cleveland, TN

I LOVE the way KJ Hamilton expresses her different characters! Can’t wait to read the entire book! Melanie Parris ~ Cleveland, TN

OMG!!!!I MUST have this book!I’ve only read one chapter and I can’t wait to own it! Glenda Chastine ~ Cleveland, TN

I absolutely loved reading Fanatical Betrayal! There are alot of obsessive fans out there which gave this book a realistic tone. I couldn’t wait to get home from work each day to read more!  I can’t wait to read more from KJ Hamilton!  GREAT JOB Linda Whaley ~ Cleveland,TN

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Fanatical Betrayal!!! I see nothing but great things  ahead for KJ Hamilton! Carl Saylor ~ Benton, TN

Fanatical Betrayal is a well-crafted mystery that will keep you guessing until the very end. Hamilton is a master at creating natural dialogue and characters full ofdepth and emotion. More than just a terrific page-turner, this must-read is a testament to human character and dignity. Katie Parent ~ Athens, GA

KJ Hamilton is awesome!!!  It is an honest to goodess page-turner!!! You feel as though you have become a part of her characters lives. READ THIS BOOK!!! It is well worth the time. Cindy Wilson-Watkins ~Ahoskie,NC Debacle Swath (member)Traylee Harcourt series (author)

KJ Hamilton is an up and coming author to keep your eye on. Fanatical Betrayal will keep you guessing at every twist and turn. You will be at the edge of your seat waiting to find out just what life is going to throw at Callison Joseph next, starting with being the victim of a brutal rape and following her through a maze of life changing events to the end where well I am not going to ruin it for you. KJ Hamilton’s Fanatical Betrayal is a page turner from start to finish it is one of the best books I have read in a long, long time. The book is a MUST read for any one who is or has ever been a fan. Tammy Rivers ~ Hemet, CA

KJ Hamilton?s novel Fanatical Betrayal is a well-done novel on mystery surrounding Callison Joseph. Callison is a young single mother that ran from her past and trying to protect her 5-year-old daughter Alexa.

Here comes a man Cameron James surfaces up after so many years. He was a man that was part of a group of men called Forgotten Souls that Callison was a huge fan of. He always made Callison weak in the knees and to this day he still does. He was one of the men that Callison ran from because he didn’t believe what Callison had said happened to her so may years ago.

Another former member of Forgotten Souls also surfaces. Christopher Rigby, a man that Callison had truly trusted and adored. But Callison lost the trust in him when he wouldn?t believe what happened to her years ago. And now he wants to be friends again, but all Callison wants is to forget her past and protect her daughter. As different people start surfacing up from Callison’s past so does what she ran from.

As you start reading Fanatical Betrayal the writer makes you feel like you are right in the story. I found the book easily to follow along with, even with all the different mysteries and characters that pop up in the story. The writer lets you fell the anger and pain that Callison went through so many years ago. With different mysteries that surface about Callison I found that I could not put the book down. I would highly recommend Fanatical Betrayal. Anyone that likes mystery and suspense will find that after starting to read Fanatical Betrayal you won?t be able to put it down. After reading the novel it made me think that old saying is true, “The past will come out sooner or later”. I feel the author KJ Hamilton has a bright future ahead of her with her writings.” Carolyn (Sindi) Weber, Author of Inner Thoughts

OMG! I’ve read ALOT of books in my time, and this one is right there at the top of the list.I absolutely could not put it down. I cannot wait for Fanatical Betrayal to be published andI’m already looking forward to the 2nd one.  Keep up the good work. You’ve found your calling, girl! Tammy Epperson ~ Benton,TN

KJ Hamilton has done an amazing job with Fanatical Betrayal. This book is an amazing tale of how a fabulous person, Callison Joseph, raises her daughter by herself while living with a horrible past, while feeling like everyone she trusts will eventually betray her. With each amazing page,the reader will feel emotions towards all of the characters, while anxiously awaiting the outcome. This book has twist after twist and will keep you from putting the book down!Fanatical Betrayal really is a book about “triumph over tragedy” and is a must read!” Sherry Moore, Author of Shadows of the Past